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GA Line

The line is designed for GA reducing equipment that has little space and require small ratios.

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GC Line

This class of concentric shaft gearboxes with spur gears helical hardened, tempered and fully rectified ensure quality of operation and durability.

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GD Line

This class of helical hollow shaft has low installation cost, and the movement is transmitted directly by the motor shaft without recourse to the subsidiary bodies such as pulleys, and other joints.

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GH Line

This line was developed for large-scale applications. This being composed of parallel shaft gear or orthogonal.

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GK Line

This class of gear comes to complete the line Geremia Gear

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The couplings are linking devices for power transmission.

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GO Line

This class has properties for reducing dimensional compact housing with cast iron, consisting of helical gears and worm.

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GS Line

This class is designed for powering all types of machines of low speed.

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GSA Line

This class is designed to drive all types of machines of low speed, and its casting Aluminum Injected.

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This line is designed to reducing the firing of all types of machinery used for low speed.

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MG Line

The MG line Multipliers prejetada was to multiply the speed of equipment that require high RPM.

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GSD Line

These units are designed to drive the entire class of machines of low speed.

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Catalog Part 1

This part of the book relate to the helical gear reducers.

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Catalog Part 2

In this catalog you will find all the gear that include endless screw and mixed.

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The GD line with thrust bearing

The GD line with thrust bearing has self-compensatory axial bearing, specific to support extra loads exerted by the extruder.

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